Rhapsody for an Obsessive Love
Harbour Books (12//05/2015)

Evelyn Waugh was the author whose books I most enjoyed as a teenager in the 1970s. In order to reassess Waugh’s work now, I travel with Kate to the places in which Waugh lived and loved in the early decades of the Twentieth Century.

Screen shot 2014-11-03 at 18.12.45
A still from The Scarlet Woman, showing Evelyn Waugh (centre) who it is very easy to imagine is talking to Evelyn Gardner and John Heygate.

The book will be published in May 2015 by Harbour Books. It was due to be published in October 2011 by Beautiful Books, but that company fell victim to the recession. Frustrated by the knock back, I set up an
Evelyn Waugh website to draw attention to the existence of the manuscript, but the website soon took on a life of its own: an online biography of Evelyn Waugh is taking shape where, in my opinion, each phase of Waugh's life is given enough space so that the relevant Evelyn can be fully encountered.

As for the book, here it is at last, with a cover from Jamie Keenan:

evelyn! final cover - Version 2

On the front flap comes the blurb:

evelyn! final cover

And on the back is a quote from the latest generation of Waugh:

evelyn! final cover

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