In visiting my mother in her care home for five years, I wrote 100 blogs, which ended in 2014 when Mum did. I mean when Mum did die. I mean when Mum died.

Originally these blogs were commissioned and published by Saga, but in 2017 I realised they'd disappeared from their website. I've now put them on a dedicated site:
Visiting Mabel which I think of as family album, life story, gravestone, map of Perthshire, time-tearer, tear-jerker, advert for Renault Modus, and more.

Here she is standing against our newly built house in Hamilton in the early sixties. It didn't come with a garage, Dad built that himself, just as he'd built one for our previous house in Currie. I can't build garages of brick but I can build websites, blog by blog.

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