The image below is just one way in to Nobson Newtown, an ongoing Paul Noble project that I first encountered in 1998, and which earned the artist a shortlisting for the Turner Prize in 2012.

All the buildings in Nobson Newtown are made of nobrock, on the one hand, and letters of the Nobson font on the other. To see what that means (and to check out what Paul Noble meant when he said he was engaged in 'town plann
ing as self-portraiture'), I recommend clicking on 'An Unofficial Guide to Nobson Newtown'.

Screen shot 2012-11-09 at 14.47
Detail from Ye Olde Ruin, 2003-4, pencil on paper, 426 x 732cm. Courtesy of Paul Noble, Maureen Paley, London and Gagosian Gallery, New York

Welcome to Nobson Newtown! You may find it nobpossible to leave, nobtastic to stay.